Research and Education on Disability and Disaster


The mission of Project REDD is to:

  1. Conduct high-quality research and evaluation studies on how disasters affect individuals with disabilities in their families, and
  2. Provide research-based training, education, and outreach on the topic of disability and disaster for organizations, service providers, and individuals.

Project REDD has collaborated with a broad range of other academic and research entities in investigating issues, as well as partners with other researchers exploring psychological constructs related to the effects of disaster. In addition, Project REDD studies issues of critical importance to individuals with disabilities affected by disaster including: 

  • Long-term recovery,
  • Case management,
  • Sheltering, and
  • Preparedness.

Project REDD Materials

Materials for Project REDD are distributed throughout Texas, to:

  • Emergency management personnel,
  • Case managers,
  • Volunteer organizations,
  • County extension agents, and 
  • Texas citizens.